From deep inside the brains of Jon Rundall and Luke Frost of Heretic Studio, comes an all new vision of London: If Places Were Faces.

Existing only in the form of text messages for a year or two, a decision was eventually made to draw every person on what was by then a long list of celebrity based geographical puns, just begging for realisation in the form of a map.

Well not only has the map finally been drawn, but it has also been printed and is now available as an eye popping 2 colour screen print. You can literally lose yourself for minutes relearning your favourite city and it’s suburbs. It’s an altogether new kind of knowledge and we guarantee you will revisit it dozens of times with almost no loss of interest.

If Faces Were Places - London

7th Edition,
Charcoal Teal & Neon Mandarin Salmon

Medium: 2 colour screen-print
Paper: 300gsm Munken Pure
Edition: 40
Dimensions: 72 x 102cm

Each print is hand signed and numbered.

£80 + £10 Shipping Worldwide

(Paypal & Credit/Debit Cards)

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